The workshop is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of empirical studies relevant to experimental psychopathology. Therefore, works using an experimental approach to describe and understand the cognitive, affective, and motivational mechanisms underlying specific mental diseases (for an exhaustive list please refer to the DSM) or transdiagnostic processes (attentional bias, memory bias, perseverative cognition, etc) will be primarily considered. Moreover, experimental studies aimed at explaining change processes in specific psychotherapy or therapeutic techniques will be also welcomed. The Scientific Committee will also consider submissions that make significant contributions to knowledge using other empirical methods such as correlational designs, meta-analyses, epidemiological and prospective approaches, and single-case experiments.

Studies of interest can be run on patients with specific diagnoses, non-clinical human populations, human analogue populations, or nonhuman animals. In the traditional spirit of experimental psychopathology, submissions from studies on non-clinical populations that make a contribution to understanding the aetiology of psychopathology will be especially welcomed.

Moreover, while the Workshop’s focus is primarily on the mental processes associated with psychopathology, contributions studying the biological substrates of psychopathology will also be considered.